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Digimon Adventure Sorceress' Will 3
Digimon Adventure – Sorceress’ Will Chapter 3
Two hours had passed since Miyako had informed everyone of what had happened to Hikari. Once the news had been received by the rest of the team, Taichi was quick to gather everyone he could get a hold of at the Yagami apartment.
Miyako looked around Taichi and Hikari’s shared room from her seat on the bottom bunk bed. The majority of the team had managed to make it, the only absences being Jou, Iori, Ken and Mimi.
“What happened exactly?” Yamato asked.
Miyako took a breath to steady herself before beginning. “Hawkmon and I spent this morning asking questions of some of the Digimon in Western Area. We got a few telling us that they’d seen some humans in the area recently. The two that they had seen had apparently last been seen heading up to Ruined Historic. I wanted to check it out but I knew it’d be crazy to go alone, so I contacted Hikari while Hawkmon chose to scout ahead for us. I told her
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Digimon Adventure Sorceress' Will Chapter 2
Digimon Adventure – Sorceress' Will Chapter 2
Hikari easily pulled her arm loose from the boy's grip, but couldn't look away from his now-revealed face. Seeing his face really solidified the idea that the boy was a doll in her mind, but she knew he was alive. The very idea of it scared her. She kneeled down to his level to get a closer look at him. "What... happened to you?"
The boy sat back upright, concealing his face in the shadow once more. "Her magic. When I first woke up here I was just like you, but eventually became this. Her doll." He answered.
The girl looked down at her hands, realizing that soon they would be just like the black haired boy's, as would the rest of her. She eventually looked back up at him. "Who is "she"?" She asked.
"GrandSpellmon" The boy replied. "I don't know what her deal is but... she enjoys making humans suffer in ways that only she can create." He added, his voice a little low.
Hikari noticed his change in tone, knowing that while she was very co
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Digimon Adventure Sorceress' Will
Digimon Adventure: Sorceress' Will
Two years had passed since the defeat of BelialVamdemon in the Digital World. Things had become peaceful again between the two worlds and the Chosen Children had managed to settle back into their lives, with a fair few new additions to their ranks since then.
Well, as peaceful as it could get with more and more people becoming "New Chosens" as they had become to be known. More Digimon were coming to Earth with the intention of finding their human partners.
Many of the original twelve were sceptical of the idea of there being more Digimon in the real world at first, but it was a nice feeling to not have to hide their partners anymore.
In the Yagami home, little had changed. They had gotten some more attention than usual for a while after it had been discovered that both of their kids were two of the original eight Chosen Children, but that had died down months ago.
"We'd never hear the end of it if the media learned it was our apartment in Hikarigaoka
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Digimon: Breaking the Walls 3
Digimon – Breaking the Walls of Eternity Chapter Three – The Terrifying Coredramon!
Rain continued to pour around the boy and the larger rabbit. A calm, but serious look on the boy's face, while one of shock showed on the rabbit's. He studied her for a moment or two, while she wondered who this boy was.
Her answer came as a small, green scaled dragon leapt in her direction from behind him, preparing to strike her with his tail. Lekismon blocked the strike, forcing the little dragon away from her with a gloved hand. She didn't recognise the little one, but could tell at least that he was a Digimon. "You're a Tamer." She stated.
The green haired boy stayed silent as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device. It had a screen on the front with two buttons, and a slot for inserting something rectangular down the right side of it. He pushed a button, and a hologram formed above the screen. It gave the rabbit's picture, but 'No Data' flashed under it. He raised
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Digimon: Breaking the Walls 2
Digimon – Breaking the Walls of Eternity Chapter Two – Second Tamer
It had been hours since their encounter with the fox-like Digimon Renamon, and Coronamon and Lunamon had taken refuge in what looked like an abandoned shop. With some quick thinking after finding this place, Coronamon's shoulder was now bandaged, though still quite sore. But the question still lingered in both of their minds: "Where were they?"
"With how she attacked us, I guess it's safe to say that these 'Tamers' aren't going to be any help to us." Coronamon stated from his spot behind the counter.
Lunamon however, was looking around what had been left behind. The shop was a fair size, and the rabbit was more than willing to look around. "Who knows-pyon? Maybe she was acting out on her own-pyon?" She suggested.
"We can't chance it. We know how partnered Digimon are much stronger when with their partner." Coronamon replied.
Lunamon nodded with a sigh as some drink cans caught her eye. She grabbed a co
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Digimon: Breaking the Walls 1
Digimon – Breaking the Walls of Eternity Chapter One – Into the Unknown
Coronamon shook off his surprise from being grabbed, before he noticed that they were being taken over the city’s rooftops. He tried to get a look at their captor, but they were both being held by strong hands, by the neck. A few moments later, he felt pain as their captor tossed them onto a rooftop with force. The lion like Digimon rubbed his head as he got back to his feet.
“What were the two of you doing?” A strong, feminine voice asked, getting the attention of the two Digimon. They looked at the owner of the voice, to find a large, humanoid fox with silver fur.
“We should be asking you that!” Coronamon shot back, helping Lunamon to her feet. “The two of us just woke up here, we were about to try find out where we were, when you snatched us!” He added.
“A precaution, in case you ended up being hostile. Now, why did you both come here?” The fox questi
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Digimon: Breaking the Walls
Now, this is a surprise. Me coming back to write another Digimon fanfic after so long. Should be an experience.
Anyway, let’s get this thing started. No, I don’t own Digimon. Would I seriously be writing fan fiction if I did? If I had my way this would be Season 6 but it’s not, so what does that tell you?
Digimon – Breaking The Walls of Eternity Prologue – End of One Adventure, Beginning of Another?
-Digital World-
Sat on a cliff overlooking a large forest like area, were two Digimon. Both seemed to be of Rookie level. One was a red, lion like Digimon with a flame on his head and tail. The other, was a blue and white rabbit like Digimon with four ears, a long strand of hair coming from her head and yellow crescent moon symbols in a few spots on her body.
The rabbit like Digimon sighed. “We’re almost out of supplies again, aren’t we-pyon?” She asked.
With a sigh the lion like Digimon nodded. “I’ll get more before we move on tomorrow
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YGO GX - Return of a Dark Past
I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. I do however own the original characters used in this fanfiction, and the majority of cards used by Keshiro Kurisutaru.
(Chapter 1: The Exams)
Upon first hearing about Duel Academia when it first opened, one 15 year old Keshiro Kurisutaru had dreamed about attending the famed school. She had forced herself to get better at dueling so that she would be ready for it. Now, that dream was in her grasp. She had got herself registered to take the entrance exams, and was just waiting for her test.
Of course, her friends were behind her on her decision. Yuugi and Jyonouchi had joined her in coming to the venue of the exams. Though, as expected, Yuugi had to sign a lot of autographs from fans among the other examinees. He had also been challenged to duels, but he declined. He was just there to give a friend his support.
“Man, does this always take so long?” Jyonouchi asked.
“I guess it must. There’s going to be a lot of examinees here and they need
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Porcelain Dreams
Falling, falling, falling... was it one of those dreams?  No, Shino wasn't falling.... everything was growing around her.  But that didn't make any sense... unless she was the one shrinking.
"There you are... I can't wait to bring you home to my collection!"
What was he talking about?  But then a dark shape reached down toward her, closed around her and....
The scene seemed to shift, and Shino found herself in a room.... it seemed a typical otaku's room, filled with dozens of bishoujo figures and gravure posters.  She couldn't really make out their faces clearly, but one stood out to her, on a shelf across from her.
That's right.  Asuna had been captured and turned into a doll.  It seemed like she had always known this, although she shouldn't have.  
Asuna's skin was unnaturally pale, and had a matte look to it, and seemed like flawless porcelain.  There was an empty look in her eyes, and her face was frozen in a blithe smile, wit
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Things are pretty slow at the moment.

I don't feel that motivated to work on Breaking the Walls. All the plans I had for it too... I just guess too few care to look and comment on my work.

I'm considering, and planning up a fanfic that I haven't written for in some time.  The very series that I started out writing fanfiction for, so many years ago, Digimon Adventure. It may happen, it may not. We'll see how I feel when I finish planning it out.


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